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Jarriel Campbell - Doula, Founder and Host of the Doula Road Trip Podcast

What does a doula do?

I had Jarriel Campbell to answer that question and a whole lot more on my podcast, Hot Mama Chronicles. Campbell is a doula and the Founder and Host of the Doula Road Trip Podcast, which has been downloaded more than 8,000 times. Here's what we learn about Jarriel Campbell:

  • As a young woman, Jarriel thought she wanted to be an obstetrician and even shadowed one before finding out the long road to becoming one. She went onto college to study psychology and worked as a nursing assistant.

  • While on the path to purpose, she reconnected with a friend who was having a child and ended up being in the room when she gave birth. The experience really moved her. She was given the advice to become a

doula. She enrolled in doula training but had Imposter's Syndrome. In 2017 she became pregnant and hired a doula. Her doula Connie prepared her to have a transformative experience with the birth of her daughter. She realized that this was her calling. Campbell has helped 18 clients and 12 post partum families.

  • She mentioned that there is a doula for every point in life. She is a birth doula and post partum doula. Being a doula picked her. She has a grand midwife in her family.

  • In doing this work, so much happens in the fourth trimester. People always hold the baby but they never hold the parents.

  • The Doula Road Trip Podcast was not her first podcast. She started podcasting during the pandemic. Pat Flynn was the first podcast she ever listened. She launched about her second podcast because she wanted to share the doula experience but also encourage other doulas. She was led by a place of passion and was amazed by how powerful her voice can be.

  • She talks about what she hopes to disrupt. "I do hope that the industry looks very different. I want my grandchildren to be birthed in an industry that is not conveyor belt care. Seeing more of us as the providers is one thing and I hope to get to see that change happen."

  • She talks about best practices in looking for a doula. "Doulas don’t save people from bad outcomes. No positive outcome can start without you being educated and having your provider being on board with your birth. You should have someone who is trained and certified. Some doulas are side hustling so consider the time that this person has. I also want to know what birth outcomes have you been there for. I need you to be well versed. Don't rule out doulas who have not had children. Don't be afraid to invest in the cost of your doula. Put that person on your gift registry."

  • She talks about lessons learned on her journey. "Keep at it no matter what. Opening a business took more money than I thought it could. Figure out your marketing plan to get in front of clients and consistently stay in front of clients. You do have to hustle. We (as entrepreneurs) are not the best people to handle every task. Invest in the right coaches and CPAs."

  • Jarriel offers tips for self care and spoke about ways in which her community has pivoted. She loves travel, therapy, sunshine and going to her chiropractor. She talked about how more doulas are moving into the virtual space." Consulting is what I do. It's much more sustainable and impactful to help before the birth. I think coaching brings me joy."

You can connect with her through her doula course here or on her social media channels below.

One love,

Amelia Aubourg


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