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It's been a minute but I am back

I am working every day to show myself grace. I am back though. It has been very busy.

I got to travel to the US Open at the beginning of September. To watch Tiafoe and Aliassime play was amazing. They played for three and a half hours. The US Open is an amazing experience. There are so many matches and experiences. To be back after the pandemic is just a blessing.

I love the back and forth of tennis but also how anything can change on a dime. I went with my sisters. We were there after Hurricane Henri caused much devastation to the area. So many parts of New York were hit and impacted by down wires and lines. We were lucky to stay in the city near Hudson Yards. I got to finally visit the Edge in New York, which is the highest point in the City. I also visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, enjoying the boat rides to both below.

I feel like every American should visit there. You can feel the sense of history and opportunity along with the fear of coming to a foreign land. We have to deal with so much trauma in our history as a country. I came back and continued to work as I have been planning for my podcast, for work, for projects within my community and planning events.

There were several people who passed away in September that really gave me pause. When there is extreme loss, there is extreme gratitude for the fact that you had an opportunity to know the person. People are like living books, some of chapters, some are periods and if you are lucky some actually can play a powerful role in your life. You choose what others can be. I also found myself in a whirlwind change moving toward planning another event online. I have huge respect for producers and editors having only two weeks to produce a show. I was really happy with how everything came out. I was so grateful that everything worked out. I learned a lot about myself and about others. I gained such strength from taking care of myself. People carry so much baggage and hurt these days. You never know what they are caring and how that manifests in the day to day. Understanding that, I try to show others grace even if that same grace is not extended back.

I am really excited to be involved in starting up Season 4 of my podcast. This season, I am focusing on mental health and wellness. I am also honored to serve on the board of the Sacred Threads Center, which engages women in nurturing faith, fellowship and community through spirituality. I have been helping to support the Young Leaders group, which is a pipeline program for young women. This month, we will be holding a panel for Women in Media. I am glad I took the break but am glad to be back. Back to writing, back to talking, back to building and growing and back to thinking the best is yet to come. Because it is.


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