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Hot Mama Chronicles - JerriAnne Boggis - Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire

I had the honor of interviewing JerriAnne Boggis, the Executive Director of The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire. She recently spoke on the Hot Mama Chronicles podcast about the her work and her journey to New Hampshire from Jamaica.

She spoke so passionately about the Harriet Wilson Project and how she organized to establish a monument in her name. She talked about sharing these narratives and the power of truth telling in lifting these stories about Harriet Wilson, who was the first African American to publish a novel.

JerriAnne finds so much joy in her work. As she mentions, "we are such a resilient people. There were entrepreneurs, artisans, creatives and others who made so many things. This woman, Harriet Wilson, published a book. For those who want to write a book, they can look at her and see that someone did it. We got married and did so much things. There is real joy in that."

She spoke about the African Burial Ground in Portsmouth and the work that is happening at the Black Heritage Trail especially during Black History Month. Here is the programming calendar as there are so many opportunities and ways to connect. Additionally, she is hiring for a fundraiser and an office manager along with interns. You can find those opportunities there.

JerriAnne is a gift and treasure not only to the state of New Hampshire but a champion for equity, belonging and creating pipelines to tell the story of black people. She is truly awe-inspired. Please enjoy the interview here.


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