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Jacquetta Van Zandt - Hot Mama Chronicles Gems

I had the opportunity to talk with Jacquetta Van Zandt, political strategist and podcast host for Politics and Prosecco. Jacquetta Van Zandt honed a political skill set on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. as well as various state and federal campaigns. Jacquetta has been a respected voice at the table to aid in making significant decisions that impact communities of color.

A highly sought-after political strategist, with a special focus on public policy and diversity initiatives, her desire to bring about equal opportunities for women of color has brought her back to Massachusetts. Her goal towards making an impact on her community and to bring important issues to light such as pay equity, financial literacy, socioeconomic development, women's empowerment, and diversifying the legislature are at the heart of today’s most important issues.

She was an instrumental force on many campaigns including the successful campaign of Framingham’s first Mayor and only popularly elected woman of color to that post. Van Zandt along with Lori Lennon launched a growing and popular Zoom-cast/podcast called “Politics and Prosecco.” Politics and Prosecco is a one-hour show where guests and hosts engage in topics surrounding current events and its impact on everyday life. In addition to hosting “Politics and Prosecco,” Van Zandt currently serves on the board of directors for the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Van Zandt graduated from Mount Ida College (now part of the UMASS education system) with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

What I love about her is this innate sense of service. She learned the power of networking and building relationships and leveraged that in her career in politics. One of the things I found fascinating was her interest in meditation. She talked about her struggles with anxiety and how it has helped to shift her energy. She gave great tips about that. Additionally, she dished on the next season of the podcast, words of wisdom that has grounded her in her journey and what her legacy will be. I hope you will enjoy listening to the interview. #blackgirlmagic #politics #mapoli #bospoli #podcast #politicsandprosecco


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