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I will thrive

I love New Year energy.

It's fresh. It's full of possibility and potential. At least until something happens.

And that something was the fact that this week terrorists flooded the US Capitol in an organized attempt to disrupt democracy and the process of certifying the votes that would solidify President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in their roles. I can't say that I was surprised by this attempt. I will say that I hope swift action will be taken against those who participated willingly in the events that led to those who passed away at the hands of terrorists.

It does break my heart that these actions are talked about more than the victory of turning Georgia blue or the real change that is taking place as a part of people being a part of organizing and reimaging the world that we want to see. As a black woman, I am determined to thrive in spite of what I see. It takes great boldness, resilience and discipline to do so.

I know that I am charting a course and see myself as a bridge to amplify stories that help people especially women and children to live their best lives. It is what spurred me on to publish my children's books and why I write. I have so many dreams and hopes to realize.

Next month I am turning forty. It's a milestone year. I am trying to let it not mess with me. I am committed to the fact that the best is yet to come. What I am trying to do is not to be done on my own strength. I rely a lot on my faith. I look up above to the one who is an ever-present help to my soul. This week was hard but I was not surprised. When people show you who they are, believe them.

I have been shown time and time again that black lives do not matter. In spite of all of my accomplishments, I am still viewed as a black woman and that makes me a threat. That's not my problem. I know who I am and more importantly who I serve. In spite of what the opposition does, I will thrive and see goodness. I am not out for perfection, I am out for purpose.

So I encourage you to fix your focus and choose wisely. That will help you navigate 2021 and beyond.




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