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Hot Mama Chronicles - Titciana Barros

I really enjoyed interviewing Titciana Barros for the Hot Mama Chronicles podcast. Titciana has come full circle in her career at the early age of 30. She has become the youngest alum to serve as the high school principal for Roxbury Prep's Maywood campus.

She spoke about her early beginnings and how her teacher sparked her interest in pursuing a career in STEM. She also talked about the culture of Roxbury Prep and how it has been to be able to lead in this moment of racial injustice and the pandemic.

Titciana spoke to the importance of mentorship and how she calls upon one of her mentors still to talk about ideas and best practices. She talks about her love for her students and her school community and how she has incorporates youth voice during these critical times. It was a joy to talk with her so early in her career. She is definitely just getting started.

Walking away from the interview, she left me feeling inspired and enriched. I am look forward to seeing Titciana soar.

Written by: Amelia Aubourg


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