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Hot Mama Chronicles Recap with Angelina “Angie” Camacho

I recently had the honor of speaking with Angelina ”Angie” Camacho, candidate for District 7 City Council. She talked about her heritage and her deep conviction in running for District 7. Her passion for the district came through as she spoke about her roots and origin story. She is Afro-Latina and discussed growing up in Boston and seeing her parents work hard to offer the best in education and resources. She spoke of her love for local District 7 spots Suya Joint and Merengue.

Her journey of service is what led her to politics working for a number of mission-focused and community non-profits. She has real empathy for the residents of District 7, talking about what recovery looks like and how we deal with the trauma that has been triggered by the pandemic. She also spoke to the power of organizing and coalition building and how using that as a lever for change in District 7.

Hearing her story is really a story of faith and persistence. Camacho talks about the signs and moments that led her to run for office. She ran in 2017 and did not win. Running for the District 7 seat would be a culmination of all of her experiences. She spoke about what equity looks like and how she would bring that lens to education and creating opportunity and access for communities of color.

She closed the interview by offering words of wisdom, encouraging to know they are enough, to visualize what you want to accomplish and know that greatness is for you.

You can support her by volunteering or donating through

or @camacho4community on social media platforms.


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