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Hot Mama Chronicles Recap - City Councilor at Large Julia Mejia

I had the pleasure of speaking with City Councilor At Large Julia Mejia. Her story resonated with me. Below are the notes:

1:45 - She shares her greetings and talks about early beginnings.

4:42 - She talks about hearing Rev. Liz Walker changed her life and interrupted her cycle of poverty.

9:45 - She spoke about her run for politics and how she has used her authentic voice to engage communities of color in civic engagement.

16:10 - She talked about mentors in her life and the women that helped to shape her career including Irvienne Goldson.

20:25 - She gives advice to listeners about running for office. She now occupies the same office that was held by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

22:40 She talks about whether Hot Mamas are made or are they born and some of the work she is doing to build the bench.

26:50 - She talks about her hopes for the new Mayor and how she would work with him or her to push the City forward.

29:05 - She shares words of wisdom encouraging my audience to walk in purpose on purpose.

Doing this interview was one of the highlights of my first quarter. I appreciated her integrity, her spirit and her passion for the work. She will definitely have my vote for the next election cycle.




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