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Hot Mama Chronicles Recap - Benine, The Natural Sis

Benine is the owner of the Natural Sis, a business providing hair care products and services for natural and textured hair in the Greater Boston area. Her passion for helping women (and men) become confident in their crown developed after realizing that many people of color within her culture and community do not see their hair as “good hair” because of the texture. the mission of the natural sis is to provide simplified education on proper hair care, all while helping develop a confidence and pride in the hair that grows out of your hair. she believes, healing is also within your love for your hair.  Benine was born in the Congo, but grew up in the Greater Boston Area. She has a professional background in social work and is currently obtaining her MSW with the goal of becoming a clinical therapist in the future. She is also the host of the Notes 2 Sis podcast and has a blog with the same name. thank you for being here today.

Amelia sat down with her via Zoom to talk about her journey. Here's what she learned from Benine,

2:05 - She shares her journey from the Congo to growing up in the Greater Boston area.

5:30 - She talks about her own natural hair journey.

7:50 - She shares about how she was able to begin the business and her product line.

12:57 - She talks about hair health and the definition of porosity.

16 - She shares the power of trusting in God, mental health and wellness and how everyone needs healing.

23 - She talks about the importance of mentorship and her own village.

25 - She talks about how she takes care of herself and what she is looking forward to doing once the pandemic is over.

28 - She is doing a pop up shop in honor of Women's History Month at 39 Lebanon Street in Malden on March 28th.

29:30 - She gives words of encouragement and inspiration for those pursuing their purpose and dreams.

It was truly an honor to speak with her.

Until next time,



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