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Dr. FeLisa Albert, DrPH: Hot Mama Chronicles Gems by Amelia Aubourg

I had the honor to interview Dr. FeLisa Albert, DrPH., for Hot Mama Chronicles. Dr. Albert is a leader and expert in the field of public health and racial equity with a focus on Black women. She has successfully integrated her passion and purpose in health and education by focusing her work on race as an independent concept, understanding race as a social, not a biological construct, and how it intersects into all areas of one’s life.

In addition to being senior faculty, she can be found not only teaching but also mentoring and advising students at her alma mater, Cambridge College, as well as guiding clients through best practices of putting racial equity into motion for various corporations and organizations as a consultant. She is a published author and an award-winning leader and panelist.

She shared her love of education and her early desires about becoming a lawyer. Her passion for her work is personal. It started with the unplanned pregnancy of her son. Through the support of her parents and others, she went to school and worked to focus on moving through the ranks of healthcare because of the experiences she had.

Dr. Albert, DrPH, talked about the work we all have to do in racial equity and the reckoning of the murder of George Floyd. I learned about her willingness to hold the space for her students and how she supported black women during this time. I was moved by how she has been a champion for other black women and her fundamental belief and hope for the future. She believes in the call of black women standing in their power to lead in the 21st century. I really appreciated her wealth of knowledge around mentorship and the words that inspired her. You can listen to the interview here.

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