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Hot Mama Chronicles Profile - Michele Courton Brown

I recently spoke with Michele Courton Brown, who is the CEO of Quality Interactions. She spoke of her early beginnings and how her mom moved in the world as a Renaissance woman. She was an avid Scuba diver, traveled and created ways in which Michele could see the world.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership, she spoke about her points of pride. One of the highlights was a community program she established that provided free access to Bank of America customers to see the museums around Boston and beyond. She spoke about receiving letters from customers who applauded the program and shared how great it was to be able to attend these museums and see the art and have this type of access.

Michele has learned a lot over the years especially from her failures and reflected on the moment we are living through now that includes COVID-19, equity and racial justice. She serves on the COVID-19 Task Force, the changes that are taking place in the city and how proud she was to be a Bostonian. Additionally, she talks about leading with intention during this time at Quality Interactions and how she is taking the steps to practice self care.

She talks about whether hot mamas are made or born and the importance of building the next generation of leadership. One thing is clear, when I grow up, I want to be Michele. You can hear all about the interview by clicking this link.

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