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Hot Mama Chronicles: Cristina Costa

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cristina Costa, tech leader and connector for Hot Mama Chronicles. She opens up on her journey here. Below are the highlights:

0-5:10: Christina talks about her early beginnings

5:30 - 9:30-She talks about how she started in tech pivoting from Northeastern into working for Hubspot and Paypal and how important it is to give back to programs like Resilient Coders, She Geeks Out and Hack Diversity

9:35-14 - Cristina shares her own struggles and how important it is to network and do your work and research.

15-19:30 - Cristina talks about the fight for racial justice and the importance of financial literacy

20:30-24:15 - Cristina shares about how to be intentional about your career and how to support others through Women With Purpose

24-29:30 - Cristina answers a tech rapid fire and the power of mentorship

30-34:15 - She shouts out her mentor Ken Turner, the Chief Diversity and Equity Officer of Massport

34:30-41:30 - Cristina talks about legacy, whether hot mamas are made or born and the power of confidence , financial power and how meditation from Deepak Chopra helps her.

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