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Hot Mama Chronicles - Simone Sobers

Amelia recently sat down with Simone Sobers, fitness entrepreneur, dancer and model. Simone is the founder of Boss Chick Dance Workout.

You can listen to the interview below:

During this interview, she shares the following:

  • how she got her start in dance

  • what she learned from working with Jason Derulo, Cardi B, J. Balvin and others in the music industry

  • her passion for helping women of color through dance and building their health and wellness

  • who mentored her

  • how she is looking to build her legacy and shatter the ceiling

  • her Boss Chick Dance ism she lives for

  • her favorite type of dance

  • what her choreography is inspired by

Simone Sobers is a leader and rising star in fitness. We thank her for her time with Hot Mama Chronicles.

One love,


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