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Hot Mama Chronicles - Anita Costello, Founder, Bacah

Amelia sat down with Anita Costello, the founder and creative behind apparel company Bacah. She talks about her journey on Hot Mama Chronicles here.

:45 - Anita talks about her childhood in the Midwest

1:21 – Anita speaks about loving sneakers as a young woman

2:02 – She talks about her love for comfortable shoes

2:38 – Anita talks about the name Bacah and what it means. She shares her journey in fashion, getting married, going back to school for graphic design and talks about how her husband encouraged her to find her passion.

5:21 – Anita speaks about starting the business. You will learn about how to begin and how to parse things out.

7:54 – She talks about the challenges of finding vendors, establishing brand and making connections.

8:52 – Anita learned how many moving parts there are to fashion and the process of creating her looks.

11:19 – Anita talks about who the Bacah woman is and how she moves in the world.

12:12 – She speaks about her top faves including the tunic, slouch pouch and her b charm.

13:43 – Anita shares the importance of being sustainable as a brand and using upcycling.

15:46 – You will learn about the items to refresh your wardrobe.

17:05 – Anita talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and how she has pivoted in her business.

19:25 – She talks about what she will do once this pandemic is over.

20:35 – You will hear Anita gives you encouragement to the audience to pursue your passion.

22:58 – You will learn quotes that keep Anita going.

24:05 – You will learn about a story about Anita’s heart shaped skirt and how she ended up getting in the media.

26:46 – You will learn Anita’s take on whether hot mamas are raised or born.

27:40 – You will learn how Anita builds her tribe and building her brand.

29:43 – Outside of her husband, she also talks about several mentors along with SCORE and how they cheered her on.

32:12 – You will learn some of Anita’s words of wisdom.

Hot Mama Chronicles Gems

“Do your homework. Get as much information as you can. Have a great support system around you.”

“It can pay off if you persevere.”

“I feel like I span generations and don’t feel like I fit into one box.”

“A lot of times, when people are producing things, people are like who am I no one is going to like what I have to offer. It was told to me time and time again, there is someone out there that will like your product and persevere and you will find them.

"As women find your jam. Find what works for you."

“Life is complicated enough what you choose to wear doesn’t have to be.”

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