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Charlene Chinn, Career Coach, Hot Mama Chronicles Recap

Amelia sat down with Career Coach Charlene Chinn to discuss best practices and her own Hot Mama journey here. Career coach, consultant and entrepreneur are some of the things that describe Charlene Chinn. By day she works in human resources for a law firm. Outside of work, you can catch her at her consultancy online at She brings with her a wealth of experience from the worlds of finance, law, healthcare and corporate administration.

0-7:37 Charlene talks about early beginnings and wanting to be an attorney. After finishing law school, she decided that she wanted to take a different path. That led her into pursuing a career in human resources. She ended up connecting with someone who got her a position at a law firm where she is doing her passion. She is born and raised in Boston and the oldest of three siblings. Her caring nature and welcoming demeanor helps her in navigating human resources.

7:38-12:48 - She talks about being a career coach. She talks a coach helps you navigate how to have conversations and give resources, equip you to do the work and how to pivot in the way you want to do for your career.

12:49-19:12 - Charlene talks about what to do when you are stuck in a job, how to figure out what you want, how to have a conversation with your manager and do the prep work and the importance of being self aware.

19:13- 22:59 - Charlene talks about the importance of networking when trying to pivot to a new career in a different industry. She talks about stepping outside of your comfort zone to go to networking events.

23:00 –28:54 -She talks about when to pull the trigger on getting a career coach and how to make investments in your career. She talks about how to have work life balance and how to be intentional with boundaries.

28:55 –35:34 Charlene talks about the importance of communication and being an advocate for yourself. She talks about Minda Harts, The Memo and talks about being your best advocate. She also talks about the importance of being excellent in your work, being consistent and the constancy of building your network.

35:35 –41:01 Charlene talks about the network being your net worth. It’s about exposure, challenging you and pushing you in the right direction. She talks about authenticity, mentorship and energy that you bring when you enter the room.

41:02-46:31 - She talks about the importance of mentorship and sponsorship. She talks about building a report and how crucial it is to build a relationship.

46:32 – 49:28 - She talks about going to Women Evolve and listening to Sarah Jakes Roberts and how she loves her. She loves that she combines faith and culture and how she interacts with her family from her dad, her husband, her son working the store and how her sister is a prayer warrior.

49:29 – 51:33 – Charlene talks about whether hot mamas are made or born. Amelia acknowledges Charlene for your work and contributions.

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