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Hot Mama Chronicles Interview Recap: Jessica Estelle Huggins

I sat down with award-winning filmmaker on the rise Jessica Estelle Higgins on the latest episode on The Hot Mama Chronicles. Below are the show notes to this interview.

:45-7:45 Jessica talks about her childhood, her time at Boston Arts Academy and how she was introduced to filmmaking.

7:46 -14:25 – She speaks about her time at college in Columbia, her first job in film and creating A Perfect Day and receiving awards from various film festivals

14:26-21:42 Jessica talks about her work changing the narrative, how mentorship has played a role in her career and words of wisdom.

21:43-29:41 -She speaks on building a tribe and relationships in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston, about how representation matters, and about being named a finalist for the New England Film Star Award for her project Black Women Shine. She won the award.

29:42-34:10- She talks about the importance of the responsibility of creating diverse content and stories, distribution, Ava Duvernay special project Array, which looks for diverse talent, and the importance of funding independent artists.

34:11-36:33 Jessica talks about her work in wanting to make Boston pop like Tyler Perry did for Atlanta. She talks about her legacy and wanting to build her own studio.

36:34- 45:00 - She talks about the advice her younger self would give to her older self, about whether hot mamas are made or born and the high-profile people she would love to work with in the future. She also talks about wanting to do a project on gentrification in Boston and the changing landscape of Boston showing the plight of artists. She talks about the role of music and how she created a short about Lupe Fiasco’s the Cool and how she would leave that as an art that she would leave behind.

Follow Jessica Estelle Huggins at these social media channels and sites below:

Website: Instagram:@jessicaestellehuggins


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