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Hot Mama Chronicles - Silvia Lopez Chavez Recap

Artist and creative are some of the words that describe Silvia Lopez Chavez. With roots in the Dominican Republic, she has been working as a Boston based artist since 1997. She believes in the power of the creative process as an agent for positive change, and uses art as a vehicle for connection. Amelia interviews her for the latest episode of Hot Mama Chronicles.

Link to Interview:

Interview Notes

1-7 Silvia talks about her early beginnings.

8:26-15 - She discusses her introduction into art and how she broke into murals. One of the programs that is near to her heart is RAW, an art program based out of Lynn.

15- 30:26- She goes through some of her work and projects and lessons learned. They include projects in Brookline, at Google, at the Underground Mural and the Public Art Project.

30:31- 38:28 - Silvia addresses the responsibilities artists have to reflect the times.

38:29-44- She touches on what motivates her and what brings her joy.

44:01-47:43 - She talks about wisdom and listening to the creative voice, whether hot mamas are made or born and is acknowledged for her artistic contributions.

47:44- 49:59 - She opens up about her legacy, how to nurture the creative gift in young people and the importance of listening.

50:30-55:38 - She gives advice for how to start expressing yourself in your own creative way and how to give yourself space to do so and how to build the gift within. She talks about her next project at Harvard, doing an indoor mural project and her current exhibit up at the Boston Children’s Museum.

You can follow Silvia Lopez Chavez on the following channels below: - website

@Art_Design_Love - Twitter

@silvialopezchavez - Instagram

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