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Hot Mama Chronicles: Kimberly Washington

I was deeply grateful to interview Kimberly Washington, owner of Yoga by Kimberly for my podcast show, Hot Mama Chronicles. Below is the link and show notes. Enjoy!

0-3:08 - Kimberly talks about how she grew up and how she was introduced to healthy living.

4:22-8:32- She talks about getting into yoga and her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

8:35- 12:01 She talks about becoming a yogi and her journey from class to teacher.

12:02-16:59 Kimberly speaks about diversity and inclusion in this space and how she builds her tribe and community in this space.

17:01- 20:40- We play word games taken from Kimberly’s Instagram profile.

21:04-27:38 Kimberly talks about why health and wellness is vital, how to begin to practice and the importance of breathing.

27:45- 29:49- Kimberly talks about how her healthy lifestyle helped free her of taking medicine for rheumatoid arthritis.

30:01- 31:15- She talks about her daughter and how she loves to meditate.

31:57-33:52- Kimberly answers whether hot mamas are born or made.

33:59- Amelia acknowledges Kimberly for her work.

34:19 - Kimberly talks about upcoming projects.

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