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New Year, New Decade

I have had a very busy month. There are things I have never thought I would do and things I thought I would never witness. My heart is so full.

I am looking forward to this year because it is the last year of my thirties. I have looked over where I started and how faithful the one who is guiding me is. I am so grateful and so full of expectation.

I started to do Mel Robbins' new course on The Best Decade. I have had friends who have DM'ed me to ask me what this is and how are you doing this. I have learned so much through my internet coach Mel Robbins. At the beginning of 2019, I learned how to reset my mindset from Mel.

Mel is a badass. She was not always this way. She was depressed and really in a low point in her life and marriage. She discovered the 5,4,3,2,1 method which blasted her into a speaking and coaching business. She has her own television show and in spite of arriving she does free training.

I love Mel. Her practice got me to where I am today. I still feel behind but her new course is helping me to rethink the next 10 years of my life. I have 5 things I want to accomplish in this decade. I am focusing on really understanding my dreams. They scare me. I will lose being anonymous and being average.

The other thing I realized in doing this exercise is that I will need to make new friends and try new things. It is extremely hard to make new friends at this age. I feel that I am still young but I am still trying to figure out the actions I need to take to do this. I am smiling more and saying hello. I am learning names and working on my energy and how I am showing up in the world. It's an ongoing process.

I believe that I will achieve all of my dreams in the next decade. Not only do I believe it, I can and I will.

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