Dosvedanya 2019

I can't believe it is the end of a decade. As I close a chapter and reflect on the last ten years of my life, I feel like i am just beginning. I am deeply grateful to God for all of my many blessings. I did absolutely nothing but follow him into the unknown.

I am so grateful for a lot of things that happened during the last decade. I went through a lot of pain and conflict but I am stronger for it.

I am happy to continue to follow my joy. I went to new places and spaces across the US and look forward in this next decade to tackle Europe and Africa. I also published my first children's book and became a director twice.

I learned so much from my previous boss and many of the people who I encountered over the last decade that I felt like I getting an MBA. I learned the importance of relationships and how to follow through on your vision. I learned how to ask and how to advocate for myself. I also learned how to treat people and how to treat the people who support you.

I value kindness, empathy and compassion and yearn to offer that to others in the world. I love that people underestimate me. I am still humble and look forward to doing greater things in my career and through my projects. I am looking forward to having greater conversations and telling amazing stories that inspire people.

I am crazy enough to believe in a God who does more than I could ever dream of. He has never failed me yet.

So a toast to the next decade and to all of the ways I will learn, grow, and take the world by storm! Let's go!



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