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Hot Mama Chronicles Recap: Ciara Clark

I had the opportunity to talk to wellness coach Ciara Clark about her journey. She shares a lot of gems about mindset, health and wellness. She talks about her approach to taking better care of yourself, mind, body and soul. You can learn more about her through her site, or on social at these handles below.





1-3:15 Ciara talked about growing up in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with her grandmother, brother David and her parents, who split when she was young. She talks about eating a lot of waffles for breakfast.

3:30 She talks about how her parents introduced her to a healthy lifestyle. Her parents instilled in her the importance of being active. Ciara played basketball and field hockey. Her mom set the foundation for eating vegetables. Her mother raised her brother and her as vegetarian.

6-9 Ciara talks about her introduction to science. She did not know anything after manifestation but remembered seeing Genzyme when she was a kid and said that she would work there. She was an analyst, in research and development and worked in other positions in the lab.

10:00– She began her wellness journey when she was 25. She talks about high school and started mindset issues about not being satisfied with her body. She talks about the diet culture and how it was introduced to her at high school and continued well into college. She talks about the mindset shift and lifestyle choices. She read Mark Hyman and other books.

14:00 Her wellness philosophy talks about it being sustainable and practical. She talks about gut health because it matters. It is essential to our overall well-being. 70 per cent of our immune system is in our gut. Depression, anxiety, stress is all tied to the gut. If you are experiencing bloating, you will feel it in your gut and hormones. Ciara suggests to take a probiotic and focus on a whole food plant-based diet. She shares to focus on lowering your stress making sure you sleep and taking inventory of the friends around you.

17:11-21:11– Ciara talks about getting trained as a yogi and how she saved six months of training and how she wants to show up in life. She did her training and started teaching. She loved watching Laura Sykora, who is a yogi influencer. She noticed how it impacted her body and helped her come to peace with her father’s passing. She talks about her why with becoming a yogi and sharing what she learned. She wanted to represent her community and create a space for other women of color to feel welcome. Out of all of the forms of yoga, vinyasa speaks to her.

23:00 -29:45 Ciara talks about the importance of wellness. Wellness is essential and she goes into the importance of communities of color. She speaks about the morning routine and the importance of winding down in the evening. She does intermittent fasting, drinks water and matcha in the morning as part of her morning routine. She shares how her wellness journey has helped her to be more calm especially with her son. She gives him supplements.

30: She shares how she accepts herself where she is. She also talks about her tribe. She shares how important it is to connect and build your tribe, a good group of people around you, who help to elevate and build you up.

31:44-33:15: Ciara shares her best affirmations and things that inspire her. Her affirmation is you are doing your best and you can do anything you put your mind to and you have and you will.

33:40: Her initial thoughts on being a hot mama is that she feels that it is a combination of nature and nurture. She talks about her mom, who is one of the strongest women she knows and how she nurtured her.

34:50 - 40: Ciara hopes to disrupt the notion of privilege and how product driven it is. She wants people to be disciplined and for people to know you can take care of your body with the resources you have. She talks about how to practice and the value of patience and how a lot of it is conditioning. Mindfulness is a part of her approach, thinking about what you need right now and thinking about the sustainable steps you need to take. This is a long game. You have to give yourself that grace. Keep chipping away at it and constantly do it.

41-42:49: Ciara talks about seasons and legacy. She wants to be known for being a kind and compassionate person. She is not in the wellness space for trophies and finds her joy in helping people.

43: She talks about her husband and how he sends her inspirational Youtube clips from Tony Robbins, TD Jakes and Zig Ziglar. Podcasts help to ground her.

44:25 Amelia acknowledges Ciara for her commitment to wellness.

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