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Hot Mama Chronicles Recap

This podcast has been a journey. I have met some amazing women through doing this work. One of them is artist and graphic design goddess Ayana Mack.

I spoke to Ayana in November about her work and journey. Below are the show notes from her podcast, which you can find here.

1:20 She talks about her introduction to art. She talks about her eighth-grade teacher and her grandmother, who was also an artist and how she wears a ring she still wears today.

3:00 She talks about the art that speaks to her and the art of friends like Sylvia Lopez Chavez and the mural she worked on at the Charles.

5:15 - 8:54 Ayana discusses how important it is to be authentic in her interactions whether it is with fellow artists or clients. She talks about walking people about the importance of understanding art and branding.

8:55 Ayana talks about the design specifically on Boston Arts & Music Festival serving as their resident graphic designer. It was featured on Bluescape here.

12:00 She talks about creating when she doesn’t want to create. She talks about reading Questlove’s book, Creative Quest. She talks about reading about other artists like D’Angelo and how they went through their own process.

15:13 Ayana talks about her love for affirmations and what her younger self would say about the work she is creating now and what brings her the most joy.

19:04 Ayana talks about who inspires her. She talks about the artists Chanel Theirvil,Sylvia Lopez Chavez, Stephen Hamilton and others who are lifting up communities with their work.

20:24 She talks about sparking creativity in young people and her upcoming work.

24:47 I acknowledge Ayana for her willingness to spread positivity through her art.

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