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Hot Mama Chronicles with Jackelyn Dacanay, Founder , The Art of Fate

I had the honor of interviewing Jackelyn Dacanay, the Founder of the Art of Fate. Dacanay is a Rhode Island native and FIDM LA alum who has a passion for womxn-owned businesses. You can see all of the brands on her site called The Art of Fate,

1:30 She talks about her childhood and how her family introduced her to these fashion brands at an early age.

4:27 She talks about her first job opening Henri Bendel's first store in LA.

5:36 She talks about making the pivot to NYC working for their flagship store and becoming the top five sellers with sales of over a million dollars. She learned how to sell and challenge herself every day. She really appreciated her managers at the time and learned how to listen to clients.

9:45 Jackelyn talks about how she started the Art of Fate and why it was important to create a community based on social change and good.

11:10 She talks about early beginnings, how she set up a studio, and how the name came to her. She spoke about purpose and how we find meaning in the bad times.

13:48 Jackelyn talks about her love in building this community of womxn-owned businesses and how she supports them. She experimented with doing lines of business like the Box of Fate based on customized products for clients. She also positioned herself in larger markets.

17:02 She talks about the Social Enterprise Accelerator Program and how impactful the program was for her. She was able to really stand up her site. She also talks about the meaning of womxn and how diversity and inclusion is a pillar to her business.

19:28 Jackelyn learned so much from her mentors in feedback from the program. She made changes and gained so much from the speakers. It inspired her to bring value in providing marketing to the brands that are showcased on her site.

22:09 She talks about the criteria of how she finds the brands. She is working to be a plastic free company. She looks for socially conscious businesses as well as minority owned businesses. She talks about access and providing resources for these businesses.

25:22 Jackelyn talks about self care and her ups and downs as a business owner. She learned to take space for herself and sleep. Be realistic with your goals and be alone with your self. She encourages everyone to schedule self care.

29:17 She talks about the best gifts to give. All of the top performing products are made in either Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Winter Hill Jewelry, Sir Milky Quartz and Lazuli Hand Crafted are some of the brands that she shouts out. Lazuli is a design finalist for Etsy for their earrings.

32:31 She also talks about the importance of finding her tribe. She is a member of the Wing and does panel events. Know your ask and know what you can give. Be your authentic self. You will definitely find your tribe.

34:38 Amelia acknowledges Jackelyn for her work.

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