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Hot Mama Chronicle Interview with Tonya Winston

It was my honor to interview Tonya Winston, owner and stylist at B Royal Boutique.

She sat with me to talk about how she started B Royal Boutique.

3.25 She talks about how she started the B Royal Boutique and how she got the idea to do it online.

5:48 Tonya talks about the origin of the name B Royal Boutique..

8:06 She talks trends and the top three items every woman she have in her wardrobe for work and play.

11:26 Tonya talks about balancing motherhood, being a wife and life as an entrepreneur.

12:45 She shouts out her muscle in her husband Mr. Winston.

13:40 Ms. Winston talks about the trajectory and steps to begin a business and gives some tips about how to make those moves. She talks about the programming that helped her to find funding and opportunities.

17:49 Tonya speaks to whether hot mamas are born or made.

Please visit B Royal Boutique to find out where she will be and to purchase her fashionable clothing.

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