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Hot Mama Chronicles

I did my first podcast. I would have done one sooner but I was overthinking it. My podcast is called Hot Mama Chronicles. My first interview was of my sister Nicole Aubourg. I admire my sister because she lost 60 lbs. She talked about the road to losing the weight. She shared how her co-worker had died and how unhealthy he was. She started out by making small changes like not drinking soda. She also talked about three steps that helped her on her road. One was finding a regiment. Whether it was walking or doing weights, she encourages you to find something that you can do consistently. The second thing she encouraged was to have a why. When it gets difficult, your why helps to ground you. The last thing is to be grateful for where you are and for where you are going. The whole notion of what it takes to be a Hot Mama is a woman who is walking in her greatness in her own way and time. Every woman I will have on the show I admire and hold on high regard. Stay tuned for more interviews along the way. Below is the image. You can download from Spotify. 

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