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So long February

I am so proud of myself. I have been losing weight and my skin feels renewed. Everyone keeps coming up to me and sharing how good I look. 

Moreover I celebrated my birthday and got a lot of great presents including a message and my favorite perfume by Prada. I feel so fancy. I have kept up with my morning routine. I have been writing my poetry and wrote a proposal for a new work.  As I say goodbye to this month, I am going to continue to focus and commit to being disciplined and dedicated.

I am working on weeding out negative people and putting forth my energy towards joy and faith. My word for the year is believe and it has truly to help me to think more clearly about my path and what I have to do. 

I look forward to changing and working on my books, my health and making sure I lean  into what’s important to my mind, body and soul. 

Onward and upward,


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