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Mindset reset

If I could afford to have a professional coach, I would hire Mel Robbins . She is from Massachusetts and is my spirit animal. She has really pushed me to try new things just by listening to her content last year. I taught classes and started advocating for myself in various parts of my life. When things did not turn out the way I had hoped, she had these mantras and sayings that helped me to reset. So when she announced that she was doing a Mindset Reset class, I was all in. I printed off the guide and realized that I was not doing all I could do to be the best that I can be. Doing this has been a journey and path that I am happy to be on. The first aha moment was sleeping with my phone on the other side of the room. I could not get how I was still reaching out to my phone in the middle of the night. I got an alarm clock. Getting up out of bed to go around to turn off the clock has been awesome. I then have been working on being more intentional about my morning routine. I have had a sound practice in the morning but using Mel’s practice through the  5 Second Journal . I have noticed that I wake up feeling fine. I feel even better on the days when I work out and get through my meditation practice. It is not over but I rejoice in sticking with it. This week has produced tears in identifying my triggers and worries. As a writer and storyteller, I always knew the power of the word. It has helped immensely to write things down every day. I see it and check back in on it at the end of the day. I am so excited to see how my life will go now that I have the tools to work not only on the inward pieces of me but the outward parts of me. I admire how raw Mel has been during this challenge. Her family pops in, she is flying 24 out of the 35 days and manages to be with her family and friends, who pop into her live sessions. She has also had a mental breakdown. I appreciate her sheer honesty because there are far too many people who don’t show how exhausting and all consuming it is to go after your dreams intentionally and with fire. There is a cost. This has helped me to course correct mentally and say the following every day. I am enough. This too shall pass. I am a unicorn. I will achieve my dreams. Dreams don’t have deadlines. I look forward to moving closer to those dreams each and every day. 

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