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When Life Hands You Lemons

What's bad news to you?

I was handed some really bad news around a project I was working on. I got the news and was completely shocked. I had a team member who laughed at the bad news. We shared the news at the meeting and was totally mesmerized with the outcome of that meeting.

I was inspired because of the perspective. I always move toward the light of a situation. I was moved by the words that were said and the overall pursuit of overcoming this bad news.

I thought the same way when I first got the news. I was so proud of my response. There was a time where I would have melted and cried and been in a funk. I am not sure if this is the beauty of age or the aura of faith I leverage to live my life. I am full of faith because I think it will be required for where I want to go in my life and career.

I love the steps and working through resolving these situations that I run into because I know better is always around the corner. I think the reason why I was so shocked by the response of others involved was that this was tied to something inauthentic. The response to the problem was driven by ego and selfish motivation.

I kept saying that we are enough. I am a producer and so much of what drives me is that I know at my core I am enough. When someone rails against that, I feel sorry for them. There is a fine line between empathy and sympathy and the river of compassion runs through it.

I also chalk it up to how I was raised. I am also working on myself and what moves me. Do I want to be around people who don't think they are enough? I have cut a lot of people out because the answer to that for me was no.

I know we will get through this. I know this too shall pass and I know I am enough to get it done and go bigger. I will keep you posted.

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