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Late lunch inspiration

I was so grateful to attend #INBOUND18 this year. It is the go to conference for anyone in marketing and sales. I was able to score a ticket through an affiliation with a speaking service. I was so excited to just attend. The conference is packed with workshops and speakers. 

This year I was able to hear Shonda Rhimes along with Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie (above), who closed out the conference. I loved hearing these women speak. They each carried messages of hope and inspiration that I needed to hear. Adichie talked about the rejection. She made a point to share a lesson that really got to me. She said that gatekeepers are not always right. As I pursue my writing, I Gene’s little gems to help keep me going. Attending this conference was it. Hearing these women was it. 

I am better for it. I will definitely make it a point to attend next year. 

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