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Wild Woman Challenge Homework Day I

I did not get to attend Woman Evolve, an awesome conference by Sarah Jakes Roberts. I did make it a point to commit to watching the messages and get inspired for possibly attending in the future. She is doing a 7 day challenge and it is SO good.

I was extremely blessed and moved by the devotion in this challenge. I was touched by the worship song. I am so grateful to freely worship a father who deeply loves me from where I am. It was an interesting challenge to think about what we need less of. I had to reconsider my mindset and attitude.

Here is my list of what I need less of:

  • Not focus on the negative naysayers or the mean people at work, at church or in the community

  • Feeling obligated or having to do stuff I don’t want to do and having to do it all

  • Not being driven by me and my ego

  • Judgment

  • Distraction

  • The opinion of others

  • Drama

  • Noise

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