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Call and Response

I had a very interesting thing happen to me this week. I am working to add teams for an event I am producing. Each day I reach out and make calls to companies that I think are cool or make products that seem interesting to me. One of the oddest exchanges I had was with a real estate company. I emailed the information. I followed up with a phone call. I emailed again and followed up only to be declined. The woman on the phone responded to me and said I really appreciate my follow-up. No one does that anymore.

I thanked her for closing the loop. How many of us are stagnant because we just don’t send the email? We don’t make the phone call. We don’t follow through because of fear. Fear is the greatest motivator and instigator of our time. I have made peace based on my faith and lessons through life that nos are inevitable. No is the same across various languages with the exception of a few. It is amazing to me how afraid we are of the word. I am also weary of the other option as it is always around the atmosphere where I work, live or play. We make a call but we respond with no action. It is safer to wait and see. I have learned that if I want to get to be that speaker, leader, and New York Times bestselling author I need to do things differently.

I need to go outside of my comfort zone. It is not making huge changes. Sometimes small things make a huge difference. Let’s face it; some people will never change. There is safety in staying in your lane and waiting for someone to tell you to press go. That may be your lot but it is not mine. I am respectful and maintain a level of space for being willing to accept that people will be that way. I have a life to lead and what to be able to say like Erma Bombeck, I used everything I had to spread kindness.

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