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My happy place

I have been listening and learning a lot about what makes me happy. In addition to the daily practice of finding what makes happy and focusing on what I need to keep sane, I had a real epiphany.

I thank Mel Robbins for helping me to figure out what my problems are and simple actions toward them. Giving the Time's Up movement, I have taken a better stance on standing up for myself at work.

I have listened to Lewis Howes and read up on ways to help with being more successful in my pursuit of my dreams. Moreover, I have been following Gary Vee and really like how he uses content. It has helped me to think of ways to better market what I do for my events.

Given this, I created my new website, which features this blog and am teaching my first courses on event planning on Brookline Adult Education Center for spring and summer. I am really intrigued by Youtube and working with my sister to figure out what to feature in terms of content. I am trying different things and working to focus on my dreams and not on negative people.

My well being is everything to me and I am going to protect it at all cost. I know what I need to do to make that happen. I am working to surround myself with positive people and am in search of a coach. Here's to the journey. Stay tuned for the ride.

Lastly, my new mantra is the sky's the limit and we all know the sky is limitless.

One love.


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