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Anthony Bourdain

I love watching Anthony Bourdain over the years.

I recently saw a Goalcast video of how he started in New York. He mentioned how he toiled and starved for something to break in his career. He wrote his work and was not published in the weekly paper that ran. He spoke to his mother, who said you should publish in the New Yorker. See this is why people make a to-do about Mother's Day. A good mom will always have her child aim higher than what they can conceive. He sent it to the New Yorker and as it would be he received a letter saying that his piece would be published. Literally, that was the lift he needed. The video ends that we are only a video, a letter, a package away from realizing our true destiny and dreams.

I had to stop for a minute as it is so true. There are some crazy dreams I have. I have full faith that I will get there. It is so hard sometimes because I feel as though I don't have the connections or I am not the right pedigree. All of those feelings are just bad judgment. I am realizing that I am enough and I am worth it and anyone who is against that grain I am clearly not here for them. I hope that you truly understand that. The other thing is to listen to your mama. If Anthony had just dismissed her, I would never be a fan and Kitchen Confidential would never be what it is to so many in the food industry.

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