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Vision Board

At the beginning of December, I start to reflect on the upcoming New Year. I begin to think of all of the ways I have been blessed and the goals that will help me to accomplish my dreams.

We all have a vision. I am working to achieve the one that is from above. It has been a good year full of work, lessons, grace and rest. I really do believe 2018 will be my year. I am excited to get serious about my health and wellness and for the changes that it will bring in other aspects of my life.

One of the ways I work through this is through creating vision board. I have different ones. I have a life vision board and box and a yearly vision board I create. I have adopted the lululemon approach focusing on the personal, professional and health and wellness aspects of my life.

It has really helped me settle and focus on what I need to do. I will report back to let you know how it is going.

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