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Hot Mama Chronicles Recap: Ruthzee Louijeune

It was an honor to have Ruthzee Louijeune on my show earlier this month. I really enjoyed speaking with Ruthzee Louijeune, a candidate running for a spot in the Boston City Councilor At-Large race. I am from Boston, born in Mission Hill and live in the Fenway. I was ecstatic to speak with Ruthzee about her why in running for office.

She is Haitian American and grew up with a strong web of support in her family and her community. She's a housing attorney and activist at Mass Affordable Housing Alliance. She has so many ideas about how to move the needle in education, information access, housing and how to make Boston more affordable.

She also talked about what equity means to her and what recovery looks like for neighborhoods in Boston. One of the things I loved learning from her is her passion for knowledge and her love of books. When she was younger, she read a lot of Baby-Sitters Club books and her favorite was Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Mildred Taylor. During the campaign trail, she has been reading The Sum of Us by Heather McGee and Turmoil and Transition in Boston by Lawrence DiCara.

She also talked about the power of mentoring in her journey and the words of wisdom she left for our audience as following through on your purpose. I think the one thing that is true that she regards every experience as a lesson learned. If she wins, she would be the first Haitain American voted to the Boston City Council At-Large. After speaking with her, she has my vote and is definitely the voice in leadership that we need in city politics.

Check her out on her site and through social media on @ruthzee4boston on Twitter, @ruthzeeforboston, like her page Ruthzee Louijeune and @ruthzeeforboston on IG.

One love.

Amelia Aubourg

Host, Hot Mama Chronicles


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