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Counting my blessings

I had a really terrible thing happen to me last week.

I am lucky to be alive and have started this practice of writing down my blessings. When it happened, I was an emotional wreck. I did not know what happened. I had to go file a police report then go to Brighton and then do my work. It was startling and crazy. I did the common thing that people do when bad things happen and asked God why.

I did not get an answer but hope that this situation saved me from a further tragedy. What I did do was take stock in how precious life is and how much I take it for granted. I wrote down all of the blessings for the month of December and posted them in my room.

I know December and this year has fourteen days left in it. I believe so heavily how important it is to write things down and to continue to look at it and act on it. I am concurrently cleaning out my room and all of the stuff that I don't need. I am trying to clean and clear out anything I don't need. I started with my closet. I have gone through my shoes and books. I went under my bed and now I have two draw left before I begin moving my room around.

I look forward to 2019. I went through a bin under my bed and wrote out what I wanted to do. I was amazed that I had written this when I was 30 and then forgot about it and how I had written it down again at 35 almost the same way. Here I am 37. I have not completely accomplished everything but I have made some process. Finding these files helped me to realize I still have work to do. Come whatever may, I have to keep striving, keep doing and most of all keep living.

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