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My new obsession

I was weighted by the wave of June that washed over my calendar.

I saw a friend get married, saw Motown The Musical, partied at the ICA and wrote and taught a three part course to non-traditional students at the Brookline Center for Adult Education. Plus I planned another 12 hour event at Fenway Park that went well and icons were there. So I am full of gratitude and ready to take the second half of the year by storm.

I have been secretly obsessing about kindness. There is way too much negativity in the world. I have experienced it and I don't like it. I believe in life you are part of the problem or the solution. I wanted to spread more kindness. I am going to use the next half of the year to explore that. As you know, I did a kindness challenge which sparked my interest in the space. It is part of my DNA.

Continue to watch the space as I will be posting more often about this topic and my insatiable need to spread kindness and make the world a better place in the process.

One love,


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